My name is Marcus Östlund and I am a graphic designer from Sweden. I am very passionate about all sort of graphic design! I like design that gives you a all around wow-feeling and still manages to communicate what is important.

We live in a constant changing world, I believe in easy updating and smart solutions – you should always be able to update with no hassles, wherever you are!

For me, the look and feel is everything! I strive for perfection and I always try to take things to the next level. It does not matter if it’s a small blog or a big corporate site – I want to make something, together, that will inspire others.

I like to work with others like me – people with passion for what they do. Wherever you are or whatever you do I am sure we will find a solution together.

I do quite alot of Web Design
I do some Web Development
I do love doing Graphic Design
I do everything... sort of my own way ;)

Well... thats me! And this is what i like...